March 20th was the first day of spring. It doesn’t look or feel like spring, but hopefully it will soon. I know all you snow bunnies are loving this weather because it means a longer ski season. People, in general, feel better when the sun is shining. Let's get outside and have some fun after all this rain subsides.

We would like to welcome all the new patients to our practice as well as give a big thank you to those referred others to Newbold Chiropractic. If you know someone who is in pain or could benefit from chiropractic please give him or her our name.

In this newsletter, Dr. Bolton has prepared some stretching information that will help you feel better and have a safer time playing.

Our featured supplement is CoQ10.

Why Stretch?
When many of you leave our office you are given stretches and exercises to do at home. Some of you may wonder what the importance of stretching is. Why stretch? Well, stretching does several basic things for our bodies.

  1. Proper stretching done consistently causes connective tissue and muscles to lengthen, increasing our range of motion.
  2. Stretching lengthens muscles, allowing tension in joints to be reduced, thereby allowing a decrease in joint pain, i.e. a decrease in back pain.
  3. Increasing our flexibility directly effects the blood flow to our muscles. This helps with carrying away waste products (e.g. lactic acid) and providing nutrients more efficiently to our muscles and extremities.
  4. Stretching allows the muscle fibers to align, breaking any early adhesions from potential repetitive stress disorders.
  5. Increasing our flexibility helps in the prevention of injury.
  6. Due to all the above effects, circulation increases and total body stress is reduced.

There are three basic steps to stretching properly.

  1. Find a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. This oxygenates the blood, preparing the body for stretching.
  2. Without bouncing, get into position and take a deep breath as you begin to stretch. Apply moderate but constant pressure. Increase the stretch on exhalation.
  3. Breathe deeply as you hold the position for 45-60 seconds. Repeat this process for a total of three complete stretches. Increase the range of the stretch with each repetition as possible.

When stretching you are going to feel some different sensations.

  1. As the stretch begins, the muscle tension increases and a slight warming occurs in the muscle itself, as well as the connective tissues.
  2. Roughly half way through the stretch, until it is released, the warming sensation becomes a dull burning feeling. If the burning becomes intense or a piercing pain is noticed, discontinue the stretch and make sure to tell Dr. Bolton or Dr. Newbold.
  3. When the stretch is released, the muscle floods with blood and becomes warm. Heart rate lessens a bit and a feeling of well-being is commonly achieved.

Stretching should be done throughout the day, not just before exercise.

  1. Stretch lightly before bedtime (especially if you have trouble getting to sleep) and after you awaken.
  2. Stretch at work to break up a stressful day or to brighten an already great day.
  3. Stretch before and after exercise to both prepare and then cool down the muscles.
  4. Proper stretching should be done routinely so that progress is consistent.
  5. Gently stretching an injury as prescribed by your doctor aids the healing process.
  6. When stretching to aid in healing your back, stretch multiple times throughout the day.


As a lipid-soluble molecule, CoQ10 is present both in LDL cholesterol and lipoprotein.  It is thought to inhibit lipoprotein receptor expression thereby causing a decline in serum levels.  Elevated levels of LDL and lipoproteins are a couple of the clinical markers used to identify those at risk for Cardiovascular Disease.

Co Q10 is found most abundantly in actively respiring tissues such as the heart and skeletal muscles, whose function can be enhanced by supplementation of this antioxidant. CoQ10 supports cardiovascular health and function, brain/neurological health, muscle performance, periodontal health, and immune-system health through its bioenergetic (allowing mitochondrial mechanisms to generate energy in the cells) and antioxidant activity  (by fighting free radicals that cause disease). Recent studies have shown using CoQ10 60-100mg daily, improved angina, acute coronary disease and congestive heart symptoms. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the information on stretching or on CoQ10, please feel free to email us or ask us about it on your next visit.


Wishing you a healthy and safe spring,

Dr. Nancy Newbold
Dr. Angela Bolton
Susan Peterson, CMT
Jeanne Vargas, CMT
Beverly Hawkes, Office Mgr